The following list contains marriages that mention places in Outside Ireland that mention Irish counties in 1862. These records were extracted from  news reports of Irish Marriages published in the Limerick Chronicle in 1862:

01 Jan 1862 : J.C. Heeden Cook & Harriet Adelaide Mitchell

  • At Isleworth, J.C. Heeden Cook, of Upper Berkley Street, Portman Square, London, to Harriet Adelaide, daughter of the late Wm Mitchell, Esq., of Dublin.

01 Jan 1862 : Robert E Yates & Eliza A Blakeley

  • At Perambuco, Robert E Yates, Esq., of Bahia, to Eliza A Blakeley, daughter of the late James Blakeley, Esq., of Tullamore, King’s County.

04 Jan1862 : John Richard Gerrard & Julia Frances Fitzpatrick

  • At Sydney, New South Wales, John Edward, son of John Richard Gerrard, Esq., Milk Street, London, to Julia Frances, daughter of the late Mr Gregory Fitzpatrick, of Nenagh, Co. Tipperary.

05 Feb 1862 : Espine Batty & Maria Wilson

  • At Ventnor Church, Isle of Wight, Espine Batty, Esq., of Dublin, barrister-at-law, to Maria, daughter of Robert Wilson Esq., late of Monkstown, County Dublin.

13 Feb 1862 : Michael Feeny & Jane Yeates

  • At Rathmines, County Dublin, Michael Feeny, Esq., of Manchester, to Jane, daughter of the late John D. Yeates, Esq., of Dublin.

13 Feb 1862 : Arthur Gaslee Smyth & Mary Lawrence

  • At Madras, Arthur Gaslee, son of the late Rev. Wm. St John Smyth, Rector of Ballymoney, County Antrim, to Mary, daughter of Samuel Lawrence, Esq., Coleraine.

15 Feb 1862 : Henry Bliss & Margaret Ellen Beauchamp

  • At the Church of St Mark Tollington Park London Henry, son of Mr Edwin Bliss, of Lonsdale Square, Islington, to Margaret Ellen, daughter of the Rev. Robert Beauchamp, of Youghal, County Cork.

15 Feb 1862 : Herbert Glendinning Bainbridge & Rose Reeves

  • At Putney, Herbert Glendinning Bainbridge, son of Anthony F Bainbridge, Esq., of Putney, to Rose, daughter of Wm. M. Reeves, Esq., Vostersberg, County Cork.

20 Feb 1862 : Desere Joseph Lavelard & Emily Harriet Barron

  • At Amiens, Monsieur Desere joseph Lavelard, to Emily Harriet, daughter of Dr. Barron Waterford.

22 Feb 1862 : Michael Augustus McKenna & Mary Jane McCarthy

  • A Deniliquis, New South Wales, Michael Augustus McKenna, Esq., of Dublin, to Mary Jane daughter of John McCarthy, Esq., of Sunday’s Well Cork.

27 Feb 1862 : William Jones Barcroft & Hannah Wakefield Handcock

  • At the Friends’ Meeting House, Clonmel, William Jones Barcroft of Bedford, near Moy, County Tyrone, to Hannah Wakefield, daughter of Thomas Handcock, M.D., of Finsbury Square, London, and Lisburn, County Antrim.

27 Feb 1862 : John Henry & Agnes Vyse

  • In London, John, son of Terence Henry, Esq., M.D., late of Athlone, to Agnes daughter of the late Charles Vyse, Esq.

27 Feb 1862 : George Whitfield & Jane Dugid Whitfield

  • At Edinburgh, George, son of the late William Whitfield, Esq., of Williamsfort, in the King’s County, and Staff Officer of Pensioners for Tullamore district, to Jane Dugid, daughter of the late George Whitfield, Esq., of Barbados and Upper Baker Street, London.

01 Mar 1862 : William Redfern Green & Anna Maria Rorke

  • In the Church of St Andrew, Westland Row, Dublin, Wm Redfern Green, Esq., of Sheffield to Anna Maria, daughter of John Rorke Esq., of Dublin.

08 Mar 1862 : Charles John Beanir & Mrs Maggie Peel

  • In St Anne’s Church, Belfast, Charles John Beanir, Esq., of Wesbaden, Germany, to Maggie, widow of the late Fredk. Peel. Esq

08 Mar 1862 : Don Jose Gallostra-y-Fran & Charlotte Wallace

  • At Alicante, Spain, Don Jose Gallostra-y-Fran, Civil Governer of the Provence of Salamanca to Charlotte, daughter of Joseph Wallace Esq., formerly of Beechmount, County of Antrim.

08 Mar 1862 : Jones Hill & Bessie French

  • At New Zealand, Jones Hill Esq., Lieutenant, 2nd Battalion 14th Regiment, son of John Hill Esq., J.P. of Bellaghy Castle, County Londonderry to Bessie, daughter of Charles French Esq., Lansdowne Road Dublin.

08 Mar 1862 : John B Russell & Mary Ann Nolan

  • At Paul’s Church, Auckland, John B Russell, to Mary Ann, daughter of Robert Howard Nolan, Esq., Portschapel County Donegal.

11 Mar 1862 : Edward Benjamin Braddell & Martha Jones Nunn

  • At Leckhampton Church near Cheltenham, Edward Benjamin Braddell, Esq., of Mallow, County Cork, late Captain 70th Regt., to Martha Jones Nunn daughter of the later Joshua Nunn, Esq., of St Margaret’s and Hell Castle, Co. Waterford.

11 Mar 1862 : Swinburne F Berkeley & Elizabeth Maria Dixon

  • At Kenure Park, County Dublin, Swinburne F. Berkeley, Esq., son of the Hon. Grantley F. Berkeley, to Eliza Maria, daughter of the late John Gray, Esq., of Northumberland and widow of Edward Dixon Esq., of Horsely House, Worcestershire, and Curzon Street, Mayfair.

20 Mar 1862 : Robert William Forrest & Isabella Travers Cummins

  • At St Michael’s Church, Blackrock, Cork, by the Rev Augustus C. L. Coghlan, Incumbent of Nantenan, County of Limerick, cousin to the bride, assisted by the Rev. Charles James McCormack, the Rev Robert William Forrest, Incumbent of St Andrew’s Liverpool, son of the Rev Thomas Forrest Rector of Kilteskin, diocese of Cloyne, to Isabella Travers, elder daughter of Nicholas Cummins, Esq., of Carrigduve, Blackrock and granddaughter of the late Major General Sir Robert Travers, K.C.B., &c.

22 Mar 1862 : George Davis & Catherine Louisa Lee

  • Last March, at the Baptist Church, Albert Street, Melbourne, by the Rev, Isaac New, George, son of Samuel Davis, Esq., Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England, to Catherine Louisa, daughter of the late Henry Lee, of Barna, Newport County Tipperary, Esq., J.P.

22 Mar 1862 : John Henry Hooper & Bessie Morrow

  • At St Paul’s Church, Auckland, New Zealand, John Henry, son of the late Robert Little Hooper, Esq., M.D., of High Street, Newington, London, to Bessie, daughter of Hugh Morrow, Esq., J.P., late of the County of Longford, Ireland.

22 Mar 1862 : William Stokes & Mary Jane Tristam

  • At St Luke’s Church, Emerald Hill, Melbourne, Australia, William, son of Captain William Stokes, Kingstown, Ireland, to Mary Jane, daughter of the late John Tristam, Esq., of Herefordshire, England.

25 Mar 1862 : George Logan & Nora Frances Mullen

  • On the 2nd of January last, at Ararat, Victoria, Australia, by the Rev. Philip Homan, M/A., George Logan, Esq., Burrumbeep, to Nora Frances Mullen, third daughter of the late Hugh Mullen, Esq., Lyme Hill House, County Galway, and Ennis, County Clare.

25 Mar 1862 : W.A. Jackson & Annie Thompson

  • At Glasgow, W.A. Jackson, Esq., of Londonderry, to Annie, daughter of the late James Thompson, Esq., of Londonderry.

29 Mar 1862 : William Henry Coldwell & Clara Smith

  • At St Leonard’s Church, London, William Henry, son of Mr Thomas Coldwell, of Dublin, to Clara, daughter of Joshua Smith, Esq., Worthing, Sussex.

1 Apr 1862 : Charles Edward Bolton Mayne & Charlotte Emily Henrietta Sweetman

  • At St Mary’s Bryanston Square, London, Charles Edward Bolton Mayne, Esq., S.I.C., of Bruff, County Limerick, son of the late Edward Colburn Mayne, Esq., formerly Captain 95th regt., to Charlotte Emily Henrietta, daughter of William A Sweetman Esq., of Brook villa, Herefordshire, and late of H.M.’s 16th Lancers.

1 Apr 1862 : Charles Dowling & Amelia Martin

  • In Dublin, Charles Dowling, Esq., Ballina, County Mayo, to Amelia Martin, daughter of the late John Martin, Esq., of Newtownstewart, Scotland.

10 Apr 1862 : William Robinson & Olivia Townshend

  • At Southsea, William Robinson, son of Admiral Hercules Robinson, to Olivia Townshend, daughter of the late Bishop of Meath.

10 Apr 1862 : John Charles Annesley & Rosanna Malvina Minchener

  • At Jhansie, John Charles Annesley, Esq., Civil Assistant Surgeon of Jhansie, to Rosanna Malvina, daughter of the late William Minchener, Esq., of Clontarf, County Dublin and step-daughter of Daniel De Castro, Esq., East Sheen, Surrey.

15 Apr 1862 : Arthur Rodney Owen & Victoria Christina Holmes

  • On the 12th inst., in Queenstown Church, by the Rev. John Lombard M.A., assisted by the Rev. J.W. Clarke, B.D. Chaplain, R.N., Arthur Rodney Owen, Esq., Senior Lieutenant H.M.S. Hawke third son of Sit Hugh Owen Owen, Bart., M.P. for Pembroke, and nephew of Lord Tredegar, to Victoria Christina, youngest daughter of the late Robert Holmes, Esq., of Glenannore and Beechmount, J.P., County Cork.

15 Apr 1862 : Henry George Browne & Annie Sealy

  • At St James’s Church, Piccadilly, London, Henry George Browne, Captain, 100th regt., son of Arthur Browne, Esq., J.P., Newtown, County Roscommon, to Annie, daughter of Charles Sealy, Esq., M.P. Heighington, Lincoln.

15 Apr 1862 : Edward H. Courtney & Mary Dorothy Sander

  • At Harberton Church, near Totness, Edward H. Courtney, Esq., Lieutenant Royal Engineers, to Mary Dorothy, daughter of John G. Sander, Esq., late Superintendent of Stores, Dublin.

15 Apr 1862 : John Leslie & Harriet Anne Barcley

  • At the Mauritius Lieut John Leslie, 5th Fusiliers, son of F.C. Leslie, Esq., Ballywood Lodge, County Down, to Harriet Anne, daughter of Davis Barcley, Bart., of Plerston, Ayrshire.

24 Apr 1862 : James Peacocke & Mary Springall Garrett

  • This morning at the Cathedral, by the Very Rev. the Dean, assisted by the Rev James Mangan, L.L.B., James Peacocke, of William Street, Esq., to Mary Springall, youngest daughter of the late Samuel Garratt, of Wood, Norton, County of Norfolk, Esq.

24 Apr 1862 : William Lathan & Maria Raleigh

  • This morning, at St Michael’s Church, by the Rev. Henry Peacock, Mr William Lathan of Bristol, to Maria, daughter of Mr Richard Raleigh, of Wickham Street.

24 Apr 1862 : William Nelson & Frances Elizabeth Sparks

  • On Tuesday, the 22nd inst, at St Thomas’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev. Richard Friselle William third son of Mr Robert Nelson, of Killough, County Down, to Frances Elizabeth, only daughter of the late Henry Sparkes, of Liverpool [No cards sent]

24 Apr 1862 : W .C. Stewart & Eliza Eager

  • At Hamilton, Canada West, Mr W. C. Stewart of that city, to Eliza, daughter of the late Joseph B Eager, Esq., of Blessington, County Wicklow.

29 Apr 1862 : Augustus Vivian & Ethel Julius

  • On the 23rd inst., at the Cathedral, Killaloe by the Rev John Bowles, rector of Shinrone, Augustus Vivian, Lieutenant 3rd (The Buffs) Regt., younger son of the late Rev. Charles Paisly Vivian, of Hatton Hall Wallingborough, Northamptonshire, to Ethel, eldest daughter of George Charles Julius, jun, Esq., and granddaughter of the late  Francis Spaight, Esq., of Derry Castle, County Tipperary.

01 May 1862 : Henry Augustus White & Mary Powell

  • At Northcote, Australia Henry Augustus, son of Henry White, Esq., of Knockenroger, County Tipperary, to Mary, daughter of Isaac Powell, Esq., late of Lisserlough, County of Sligo.

06 May 1862 : Charles Bird & Elizabeth Anne Maria Enright

  • At Ceylon, Charles, son of Colonel H C Bird, to Elizabeth Anne Maria, daughter of the late Simon Enright, Esq., M.D., of Ennis, County Clare.

06 May 1862 : Richard Joseph Clarke & Georgiana Gertrude Mathew

  • At Orwell, Prince Edward’s Island, Richard Joseph Clarke, Esq., son of William Clarke, Esq., Galway, to Georgiana Gertrude, daughter of George Mathew, Esq. of the County of Tipperary.

10 May 1862 : A Fitzpatrick & Jane Garner Wright

  • At the Presbyterian Church, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin, Mr A Fitzpatrick of Dublin, to Jane Garner Wright, daughter of James Gardner Wright, of Glasgow.

10 May 1862 : Matthew Joseph Kennedy & Margaret O’Neill

  • At Francis Street Church, Dublin, Mr Matthew Joseph Kennedy, of the Midland Great Western Railway Company, to Miss Margaret O’Neill, of Camden Street, Dublin.

24 May 1862 : Edward Parker & Sophia Slade

  • On Thursday, the 22nd instant, at All Saints’ Church, Southampton, by the Rev William Stock, M.A., Edward Parker, Esq., to Sophia, only surviving child of Major General William Henry Slade, R.F.P., Royal Engineers, and the granddaughter of the late Rev John Parker D.D., of Glenquin in this County.

24 May 1862 : Holt Waring & Margaret Elizabeth M’Clintock

  • At Killeagh, Holt Waring, Esq., 88th Connaught Rangers, son of Major Henry  Waring, of Waringstown, County Down to Margaret Elizabeth, daughter of the late Robert M’Clintock, Esq., of Dunmore County Donegal.

24 May 1862 : Thomas Edward White & Eliza Whitfield Henry

  • At Portland, Australia, Thomas Edward White, surgeon, son of Thomas Warren White, barrister-at-law, Dublin, to Eliza Whitfield, daughter of John Henry, Esq., Portland.

24 May 1862 : Samuel Smith Bury & Mary Jane Wallis

  • At Melbourne, Australia, Mr Samuel Smith Bury, of the County Wicklow, to Mary Jane, daughter of George Wallis, Esq., M.D., of Rotherfield, Sussex.

24 May 1862 : Francis Oliver M’Causland & Sarah Anne Hart

  • At Christ’s Church, Maryborough, Australia, Francis Oliver, son of the Rev. John M’Causland, Marl-hill, County Meath, to Sarah Anne, daughter of James Hart, Esq., of North Clunes.

27 May 1862 : Frederick Viner & Margaret Jane Hanson

  • In St Anne’s Church, Belfast, Frederick Viner, Esq., of Bristol, to Margaret Jane, daughter of the late Rev James Hanson, of Donaghmore, County Tyrone.

27 May 1862 : Andrew Monteith & Mrs I Jones

  • In the Church of Newtownstewart, Mr Andrew Monteith merchant, Newtownstewart, to Mrs I Jones, formerly of Philadelphia, U.S.

29 May 1862 : A Hughes & Elizabeth Aldworth Evanson

  • In St James’s Church, Wesbourne Terrace, London, A Hughes, Esq., of Sydenham, to Elizabeth Aldworth, daughter of the late Rev Alleyn Evanson, of Four-mile-water Court, County Cork.

29 May 1862 : James N Gamble & Margaret Penrose

  • In New York, Mr James N. Gamble, of that city to Miss Margaret Penrose daughter of Captain Penrose, of Corduff House, County Leitrim.

03 Jun 1862 : Hugh George Colvill & Susan Howe Pascoe

  • In the Priory Church, Bodmin, Somersetshire, Hugh George Colvill, Esq., late Captain 29th Foot, son of Wm C. Colvill, Esq., late of Clontarf, County of Dublin, to Susan Howe, daughter of Wm. Pascoe, Esq., of Park Hill House, Bodmin.

05 Jun 1862 : John Joseph Clarke & Emily Rafferty

  • At the British Embassy, Paris, and subsequently at the Parish Church, Pasay, John Joseph Clarke, Esq., of Upper Gloucester Street, Dublin, to Emily, daughter of Christopher Rafferty, Esq., of Pasay, Paris.

17 Jun 1862 : Richard M’Culloch & Agnes Park M’Culloch

  • In Belfast, Richard M’Culloch, Esq., Glasgow, to Agnes Park, daughter of A.G.S. M’Culloch, Esq., Belfast.

17 Jun 1862 : Arthur Cecil Cope Jenkinson Guinness & Marion Jane Furlonge

  • At Melbourne, Australia, Arthur Cecil Cope Jenkinson, son of the late Richard Samuel Guinness, Esq., M.P., of Blackrock, County Dublin, to Marion Jane, daughter of William Furlonge, Esq. of Euors.

17 Jun 1862 : W.T. M’Cormick & Marrianne Dobbin

  • At  St John’s Church, Hampstead, the Rev W.T. M’Cormick, son of the late Captain M’Cormick, R.N. to Marianne, daughter of the late William Dobbin, Esq., Dublin.

21 Jun 1862 : Frank Harrison Hill & Jane Dalzell Finlay

  • In London, Frank Harrison Hill, Esq., of Boston, Lincolnshire, to Jane Dalzell, daughter of the Francis Dalzell Finlay, Esq., Belfast.

26 Jun 1862 : Septimus Sherson Connell & Sarah Annie Lloyd

  • At the parish church, Ettagh, near Roscrea, Septimus Sherson Connell, Esq., Captain 21st Fusiliers, son of James Connell Esq., of Eskdale House, Dumfriesshire, to Sarah Annie, daughter of the late Colonel Hardress Lloyd, of Gloster, King’s County.

26 Jun 1862 : Thomas Hosbands & Mrs Arabella O’Sullivan

  • In Kilcrohane Church, by the Rev A. V. Watson, A.M., T.C.D., Mr Thomas Hosbands, of Brook Villa, to Mrs Arabella O’Sullivan, of Sneem.

26 Jun 1862 : William Stafford Wallace & Louisa Douglas Marshall

  • At St Thomas’s Church, Dublin, William Stafford, son of the late Andrew Barrett Wallace, Esq., to Louisa Douglas, daughter of the late Captain R Marshall of London.

26 Jun 1862 : F.W. Baedker & Mrs Ann Jane Ormsby nee Lye

  • At Weston-super-Mere, F.W. Baedker, Esq., of Witten, Westphalia, Prussia, to Ann Jane, widow of Captain Alexander H Ormsby, Gilford, County Down, and the daughter of the late Captain Leigh Lye, Bath.ughter of the late Captain R. Marshall of London.

03 Jul 1862 : Joseph Gadsden Nash & Ellen Buckley

  • At St Luke’s Church, Cork, Joseph Gadsden Nash, Esq., merchant, Liverpool, to Ellen, daughter of Robert William Buckley, Esq., of Cork.

03 Jul 1862 : Felix Woods & Catherine Flood

  • Felix John Woods Esq., of Old Bawn, County Dublin and Nenagh, County Tipperary, to Catherine, daughter of the late Mr Michael Flood, of Bath Street, Liverpool

03 Jul 1862 : Jeremiah Layne & Alexis Margaret Balfour

  • In London, Jeremiah Layne, Esq., of Dublin, to Alexis Margaret, daughter of John Balfour, Esq., of Edinburgh.

03 Jul 1862 : Andrew Thunder & Annie Fitzgerald

  • In Paris, Andrew Thunder, son of the late Andrew thunder, Esq., of Ashton Park, County Dublin, to Annie, daughter of the late Richard Albert Fitzgerald, Esq., M.P. Muckridge House, County Cork.

05 Jul 1862 : Harvey C. Murphy & Ellen Louisa Christian

  • In London, Harvey C. Murphy, Esq., son of P.M. Murphy, Esq., Q.C. Chairman of Quarter Sessions for the County of Cavan to Ellen Louisa, daughter of the late Henry Lewis Christian, Esq., of Calcutta.

05 Jul 1862 : Edward Madden & Catherine Fawcett

  • At Brighton, Edward Madden, Esq., Commander R. N., son of the late Rev. Samuel Madden, of Kilkenny to Catherine, daughter of the late Thomas Fawcett, Esq., Hatcham Lodge, Surrey.

08 Jul 1862 : George Constantine Phipps & Sarah Anne Phillips

  • On the 2nd inst. At Christ Church, Moss side, Manchester, by Rev Thompson Phillips, and the Rev John H. Phipps, George Constantine Phipps Esq., M.D., son of Michael W. Phipps, Esq., of the County of Cork. To Sarah Anne, youngest daughter of the late Capt. Robert Phillips, 40th Regt.

08 Jul 1862 : William Colles & Anna Maria Dowling

  • At Trinity Church, Rathmines, Dublin, William Colles, Esq., late Civil Surgeon of Pubus, Bengal Presidency, to Anna Maria, daughter of the late Edward Dowling, Esq., of Monkstown, County Dublin.

08 Jul 1862 : Bernard Barrett & Maria Harley

  • At the Church of St Mary Star of the Sea, Dublin, Mr Bernard Barrett, of Dublin, to Maria, daughter of the late Thomas Harley, Esq., of St Helen’s Lancashire.

08 Jul 1862 : William Henry Kent & Frances Anne Giddy

  • At St Mary’s Twickenham, William Henry Kent, M.D. of Ballyvourney, County Cork to Frances Anne, daughter of Mr Osman Giddy, of Twickenham, Middlesex.

08 Jul 1862 : Edward Ashley Scott & Barbara Kynnersley

  • At St James’s Church, Handsworth, Edward Ashley Scott, Esq., Assistant Master of the Rugby School, son of the late James S. Scott, Esq., Q.C. Dublin, Barbara daughter Sneyd Kynnersley, Esq., Birmingham.

08 Jul 1862 : John Benjamin Figgis & Harriett Webb Chaffey

  • At the Independent Chapel, Winsham Somerset, the Rev John Benjamin Figgis, minister of the late Countess of Huntingdo’s Chapel, Brighton, son of John Figgis, Esq., Victoria Lodge, Donnybrook, to Harriett Webb daughter of the late Benjamin Chaffey, Esq., of Maudlin.

08 Jul 1862 : John Roberts & Elizabeth Ann Hughes

  • At the parish church, HolyHead, John Roberts, Esq., superintendent to the London and North Western Railway Company, North Wall, Dublin, to Elizabeth Ann, daughter of H. G. Hughes, Esq., of Holyhead.

12 Jul 1862 : John Taaffe & Barbara Leonard

  • At Carlisle, John Taaffe, K.M., Major Louth Rifles, son of Commander John Taaffe, K.M., to Barbara, daughter of Stephen J Leonard, Esq., Queen’s Fort, Tuam.

29 Jul 1862 : Frederick T. Abbott & Mrs Kate Lee

  • On the 26th inst., at St Martin’s Church, London, by the Rev R.K. Arbuthnot, Frederick T. Abbott, Esq., 41st Regt., to Kate, widow of the late Henry A. Lee, Esq., Barna, Newport, County Tipperary. [No cards sent]

29 Jul 1862 : Robert J Webb & Catherine Hall Lloyd

  • At St Paul’s Church, Philadelphia, on the 9th inst., Robert J Webb, Esq., Mount Ida, Toronto, Canada, to Catherine Hall, eldest daughter of the late John H Lloyd, Esq., Mount Catherine, County Limerick.

02 Aug 1862 : John Cowen & Hannah Page

  • In Mount Street Church, Dublin, John Cowen, Esq., M.D., of Lower Fizwilliam Street, Dublin, to Hannah daughter of the late John Page, Esq., of Hastings and Oreton House, in the County of Salop.

07 Aug 1862 : Charles Henry Bruce Somerset & Victoria Alice Anne Beare Fizgibbon

  • At All Saints’ Church, London, Charles Henry Bruce Somerset, son of Lieut-Col. Henry Charles Capel Somerset, pf Elm Lodge, Hamstead, Gloucestershire, to Victoria Alice Anne Beare, daughter of the late William Fitzgibbon, Esq., of Sydney House, Cork.

07 Aug 1862 : Arthur Henry M’Kenna & Laura Emily Cransfurd

  • At the British Embassy, Paris, Arthur Henry, son of the late Robert M’Kenna, Esq., of Summerhill, Dublin, to Laura Emily, daughter of the late William Board Edward Gibbs Cransfurd, Esq., of Pax-hill Park, Sussex.

08 Apr 1862 : Edward Brunskill & Mrs Kate Forster nee Tully

  • At St George’s Church, Dublin, Edward Brunskill Esq., of Galway, to Kate, widow of Captain John Burton Forster, of her Majesty’s 62nd Regt., and daughter of Capt. John Tully R.N., of Holyhead.

08 Apr 1862 : Anthony Clements McDevitt & Bessie Sandford

  • At Evansville, United States, Anthony Clements McDevitt, Esq., to Bessie, daughter of the late Joseph Sandford, Esq., of Derry Lodge, County Roscommon,

14 Aug 1862 : George Augustus Vaughan & Laura Mary Moore

  • On Tuesday August 12th, at Mooresfort, by the Most Rev. Dr. Leahy Archbishop of Cashel, Captain George Augustus Vaughan, second son of the Hon. George L. Vaughan, to Laura Mary youngest daughter of Charles Moore, Esq., of Mooresfort, County of Tipperary, and of Fulwood Park, Liverpool.

14 Aug 1862 : Edward B.J. Middleton & Emily Mary Power

  • At Bangor, Edward B.J. Middleton, son of Peter Middleton, of Stockheld Park and Middleton Lodge, Yorkshire, Esq., to Emily Mary Power, daughter of Nicholas Alfred Power, Esq., of Bellvue, County Kilkenny.

16 Aug 1862 : Edward Stokes & Mary Anne Caffray

  • In Dublin, Edward Stokes, Esq., of Manchester, to Mary Anne, daughter of the late James Caffray Esq., of Parkview Chapelizod, County Dublin.

21 Aug 1862 : James Mitchell & Frances Mary Parsons

  • At Taney Church, James Mitchell, Esq., of Chelsea, to Frances Mary, daughter of Henry Parsons, Esq., of Taney Lodge, County Dublin.

26 Aug 1862 : G. Denis Browne Harrison & Frances Tazeena Waller

  • A Columbo, Ceylon, on the 8th July 1862, G. Denis Browne Harrison, Esq., of Kandy, only son of George Harrison, Esq., of the Aske, County Wicklow to Frances Tazeena, second daughter of Colonel R Waller of the Bengl House Artillery.

26 Aug 1862 : Matthew Casson Browne & Josephine Swan

  • In London, Matthew Casson Browne, Esq., son of the late Very Rev. Peter Browne, Dean of Ferns, to Josephine, daughter of the late William Swan, Esq., of North Frederick Street, Dublin.

28 Aug 1862 : W. H. Kirby & Mrs Annie Armstrong

  • At St Peter’s Church, Dublin, Lieut. Colonel W. H. Kirby, 94th Regt., Military Sectary, Bombay, to Annie, widow of the late Major A.W.S.F. Armstrong, Royal Irish Regt.

28 Aug 1862 : Charles Andrew Bowen & Flora Carrick

  • At Westbourne Terrace, London, Charles Andrew Bowen, Esq., son of the Rev. Edward Bowen, of Bogay House, County Donegal, to Flora, daughter of the late John Carrick, Esq., of Southgate, Middlesex.

28 Aug 1862 : Alexander Wadham Wyndham & Augusta Evans

  • In London, Alexander Wadham Wyndham, Esq., of Borrishoole, County Mayo to Augusta, daughter of Thomas Browne Evans, Esq., of Dean Oxen, and of North Tuddenham, Norfolk.

28 Aug 1862 : James Lindsay & Anne Jane Arthur

  • At Bayswater, London, James Lindsay, Esq., of the Prairie Belfast, to Anne Jane, daughter of the late James Arthur, Esq., of Newport, County Mayo.

30 Aug 1862 : Robert Burdett Morony & Kate Rose Dartnell

  • August 26th, at St Stephen’s Church, by the Rev Robert Flemying, uncle of the bride, Robert Burdett Morony, Esq., 3rd Regt. (the Buffs), son of Burdett Morony, Esq., of Miltown House, Miltown Malbay, to Kate Rose, second daughter of Edward Taylor Dartnell, Esq., Canada West.

06 Sep 1862 : Robert T Martin & Bessie Burfield

  • At Kilrush Church, on the 2nd inst., by the Rev. H. Wolsley, Robert T. Martin, Esq., of Town House, Hailsham, Sussex, to Bessie, only daughter of Thomas Burfield Esq., of Petlands, Hayward’s Heath, Sussex.

06 Sep 1862 : William Baillie Arkle & Lucy Manning

  • In Castle McAdam Church, County Wicklow, William Baillie Arkle Esq., of Claughton, Cheshire, to Lucy, eldest daughter of George Manning, Esq., Ovoca ;

06 Sep 1862 : Hugh Flen & Eliza Manning

  • and at the same time and place, Hugh Flen Esq., of Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S. to Eliza, third daughter of George Manning, Esq., of Ovoca, County Wicklow

06 Sep 1862 : James Simpson & Olivia Daunt

  • At the British Consulate, Bordeaux, James Simpson, Esq., formerly of Glasgow, to Olivia, daughter of Thomas Daunt, Esq., of Belgooly, near Kinsale County Cork.

11 Sep 1862 : Joseph Harrison Emerson & Jane Nannie Brady

  • In St. Mary’s Liverpool, Joseph Harrison Emerson, Esq., of Eccles Street, Dublin, to Jane Nannie, daughter of the late Edward Brady, Eq., Navan.

13 Sep 1862 : John Shortt & Harriet Burriss

  • At St Mary’s Church, Edgehill, Liverpool, John Shortt, Esq., son of the late John Shortt, Esq., of Pallas, County Tipperary, to Harriet Anne, daughter of Richard Burriss, Esq., Grafton Lodge, King’s County.

13 Sep 1862 : Richard M’Clure & Elizabeth McBeth

  • At Melbourne, Australia, Richard, son of Andrew M’Clure Esq., Emerald Hill to Elizabeth daughter of the late George M’Beth, Esq., Cavan.

16 Sep 1862 : William Williams & Rose Isabella Langvishe

  • At Knocktopher, County Kilkenny, William Williams Esq., of Parkside, Wimbledon, in the County of Surrey to Rose Isabella, daughter of the late Rev Sir Hercules Richard Langvishe, Bart., of Knocktopher Abbey.

16 Sep 1862 : George Giles Gyles & Alithea Emma Grey

  • In Walcot Church, Bath, George Giles, Esq., son of the Rev. Walter Gyles, late Vicar of Cahir, County Tipperary to Alithea Emma daughter of the late Hon. and Right Rev. Edward Grey, Bishop of Hereford.

20 Sep 1862 : Marlboro Parsons Berry & Louisa Heuston

  • On the 18th inst., at Cullen Church, by the Rev John D. Massingham, Vicar of St Paul’s Derby, assisted by the Rev Joseph Cousins, Marlboro Parsons Berry, Esq., of Clooneen, King’s County, to Louisa, fourth daughter of John R. Heuston Esq., of Russellstown House, Tipperary.

23 Sep 1862 : J. F. Hickie & Lucilla Larios

  • On Saturday, the 20th, at the Church of the Spanish Embassy, Spanish Place, London, by the Rev Canon Hunt, J.F. Hickie Esq. Captain The Royal Fusiliers, youngest son of the late William Hickie, Esq., of Kilelton, County Kerry to Lucilla, daughter of Lenor Don Pablo Larios, of La Castilla, Malaga, and Gibraltar.

23 Sep 1862 : Charles Kelly & Bertha de Buisseret

  • At Cellettes, Department Loir et Cher, France, Charles Kelly, Esq., Q.C., of Newtown, County Galway, and Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin, to Bertha, daughter of Count and Countess de Buisseret, of le Boisselas, Department Loir et Cher and of Versailles.

25 Sep 1862 : John Stead & Catherine Bunton

  • At Geelong, Australia, John Stead, Esq., of Prince Edward’s Island, to Catherine, daughter of Mr. Timothy Bunton, of Castleconnell County Limerick.

25 Sep 1862 : Nicholas Prendergast & Louisa Nagle

  • At Inglewood, Australia, Nicholas Prendergast, Esq., late of Ardfinnan Castle, County Tipperary, to Louisa, daughter of William Blood Nagle, Esq.

5 Oct 1862 : Charles T. Weatherley & Alice Poole

  • At St Andrew’s Church, Wells Street, London, the Rev. Charles T. Weatherley, A.K.C., to Alice, daughter of Sir Peter Van Notten Poole, Bart., of Todenham, County Gloucester, and granddaughter of the late Earl of Limerick.

07 Oct 1862 : Frederick Charles White & Mary Anne Fitzgerald

  • At  Toronto, on Sept. 17th by the Rev Alexander Topp, A.M., Frederick Charles White, Esq., to Mary Anne, daughter of the late George Fitzgerald, Esq., of Corren House, Kilkee, County clare.

07 Oct 1862 : George W. Weldon & Lily Browne

  • In St Anne’s Church, Dublin, the Rev George W. Weldon, Incumbent of Christ Church, Cambridge, to Lilly, daughter of Nicholas E. Browne, Esq., Plymouth.

14 Oct 1862 : Goodwin Purcell & Elizabeth La Touche

  • At Conger Church, the Rev. Goodwin Purcell, Rector of Charlesworth, Derbyshire to Elizabeth, daughter of the late James Digges La Touche, Esq., of Sans Souci County Dublin.

23 Oct 1862 : Edward Roden Cottingham & Elizabeth Anne Johnson

  • At Holmwood Church, Surrey, Edward Roden Cottingham, Esq., Lieutenant Royal Artillery, son of the late Major Cottingham, of Mountjoy Square, Dublin, to Elizabeth Anne, daughter of the late Charles Johnson, Esq., of Blackheath.

04 Nov 1862 : Robert Harding & Emma Jones

  • At Newcurch, Isle of Whight, Robert Harding, son of Richard Harding Wigmore, Esq., of Ballinona, County Cork, to Emma, daughter of the Rev J. Jones, incumbent of Cradley, Worcestershire.

04 Nov 1862 : Thomas Rumbold Richardson & Edith Harford

  • At Clewer Church, Thomas Rumbold Richardson, Esq., of the 1st Life Guards and of Somerset, County Londonderry, to Edith, daughter of the late Frederick Harford, Esq., of Sown Place, Berks, and formerly of the Scots Fusilier Guards.

06 Nov 1862 : Fredrick Curry Kempster & Ely Eliza Loveday

  • In St Anne’s Church, Belfast, Fredrick Curry Kempster, Esq., M.A. Queen’s College, Liverpool, to Ely Eliza, daughter of the late Wm. Loveday, esq., London.

06 Nov 1862 : John D. E. Mooney & Elizabeth Anna Davies

  • At the Cape of Good Hope, John D. E. Mooney, Esq., Lieutenant in H.M.’s 18th Light Infantry, son of the late Francis E. Mooney, Esq., of The Doon, King’s County, to Elizabeth Anna, daughter of David Davies, Esq., late Lieut 90th Regt.

06 Nov 1862 : Washington Irving & Jennie Gaskell

  • At Philadelphia, U.S. Washington Irving, Esq., Paymaster United States Navy to Jennie, daughter of Peter P Gaskell, Esq., Shanagarry, County Cork.

11 Nov 1862 : William Stephenson & Janie Tydd Heuston

  • At the Kirk, Tipperary, on the 11th inst., by the Rev John Holmes assisted by the Rev. Wm. Johnstone, B.A., William Stephenson, M.D., (edin.), Grange Villa, son of the late Rot. Stephenson, Esq., J.P., Edinburgh, to Janie Tydd, second daughter of Robert Heuston, Esq., Tipperary.

11 Nov 1862 : James O’Donohue & Dorinda Emma McCarthy

  • In Cork, James O’Donohue, Esq., Bangor, State of Maine, U.S., to Dorinda Emma, daughter of Mr Thomas M’Carthy of Cork.

11 Nov 1862 :T. R. Johnstone & Jane Eliza Porter

  • In Belfast, T.R. Johnstone, Esq., Glasgow, to Jane Eliza, daughter of the Rev. John Porter, Windsor, Belfast.

11 Nov 1862 : Edward Johnson & Sophia Taylor

  • In Edinburgh, Edward Johnson, Esq., of Calcutta, son of H. Johnson Esq., Warwick Gardens, Kensington, to Sophia, daughter of the late George Taylor, Esq., of Lissonfield, County Dublin.

15 Nov 1862 : William Stephenson & Janie Tydd Heuston

  • At the Kirk, Tipperary, on the 11th inst. By the Rev John Holms assisted by the Rev Wm Johnson B. A. William Stephenson Esq., M.D. Edinburgh L.R.C.S.E., Grange Villa, son of the late Robert Stephenson, J.P. Edinburgh, to Janie Tydd, second daughter of Robert Heuston, Esq., Tipperary.

15 Nov 1862 : John Scott & Mrs Giditta Magunis

  • At the Roman Catholic Chapel, Spanish Place London, John Scott, Esq., son of the late Richard Scott, Esq., solicitor of Middle Gardiner Street, Dublin, to Ginditta, relict of the late Frederick Magunis Esq., 28th Regt.

20 Nov 1862 : Edwin J Pollard & Renira Whitshed

  • At the parish church of Delgany, County Wicklow, Commander Edwin J. Pollard R.N., to Renira, daughter of Sir St Vincent Hawkings Whitshed, Bart.

20 Nov 1862 : Thomas Edward Taylor & Louisa Harrington Tollemache

  • At Harington Church, Northamptonshire, Colonel Thomas Edward Taylor, M.P., of Ardgillan Castle County Dublin to Louisa Harrington, daughter of the Hon and Rev Hugh Francis Tollemache, rector of Harrington.

20 Nov 1862 : William Edward Davis & Frances Mary Madden

  • At St George’s Church, Hanover Square, London, William Edward, son of Birt Davis, Esq., M.D., of Birmingham to Frances Mary daughter of T.W. Madden, Esq., Merchant’s Quay, Dublin.

22 Nov 1862 : Alexander B. F. Thompson & Mary Anne Bevins

  • On the 20th instant, at St Luke’s Church, Cork, Alexander B.F. Thompson, of Shalimar House, Calcutta, to Mary Anne, daughter of the later Mr George Bevans, of Dover, and niece of Captain S. S. Mowle of Cork.

22 Nov 1862 : T. Taylor & Margaret Yorston

  • At St John’s Church, Belfast, Mr T. Taylor, M.R.C.V.S. Manchester to Margaret, daughter of Alexander Yorston, Esq., Belfast.

29 Nov 1862

  • At St Anne’s Church Dublin, Wyrley Birch, Esq., jun., son of the late George Wyrley Birch, Esq., of East Wretham, Norfolk, to Rebecca Katherine, daughter of the Ven. Samuel Moore Kyle, Archdeacon of Cork, Vicar-General of the United Dioceses.

11 Dec 1862

  • At St Thomas’s Church, Dubin, William Parker son of the late Robert Christopher Parker Esq., of Greenwich, in the County of Kent, to Henrietta, daughter of the late Edward Sargent, Esq., of Limerick.

11 Dec 1862

  • At the parish church of Monkstown, Co. Dublin, Francais Jacquot, son of the late Jean Nicholas Jacquot, M.D., of Espinal, France, to Charlotte Sarah, daughter of Thomas Isaac Dimsdale, Esq., of Essex.

13 Dec 1862

  • At the Presbyterian Church, Turlough, John Milmine, Esq., Inland revenue Officer, Castlebar, to Kate Richardson, daughter of Joseph Steen, Esq., Halifax, Yorkshire and niece to Thomas Murdock, Esq., Castlebar.

16 Dec 1862

  • At Oak Grove, Bandon, the residence of the bride’s father, Mr Bryan M’Swiney, of Deermount, to Margaret Josephine, daughter of Mt Daniel Holland.

18 Dec 1862 : W. H. Carrol & Bessie Leslie Griffin

  • At St Pancras, London, W.H. Carrol, Esq., of Tulla House, Nenagh, son of the late Lieut-General Sir W.P. Carrol to Bessie Leslie, daughter of the late Captain C. W. G. Griffin, R.N. of Falmouth.

18 Dec 1862 : Henry William Watson & Josephine Ellen Stewart

  • In St George’s Church, Dublin, Henry William, son of the late John F. Watson, Esq., of Dublin, to Josephine Ellen, daughter of the late Thomas Stewart, Esq., of Greenock.

20 Dec 1862 : Mark Hamilton & Fanny Gray Commins

  • December 18, at the parish church of Rathfarnham, County Dublin, Mark Hamilton, A.B., M.D. Surgeon Royal Navy, to Fanny Gray, daughter of the late John Commins, Esq., of Tavistock Devonshire.

20 Dec 1862 : Edward R Townsend & Elizabeth Humphrey

  • Edward R Townsend, Esq., Cork, to Elizabeth, daughter of John Humphrey, Esq., late of Aberdeen.

23 Dec 1862 : Henry R. Greer & Marion Gilbert

  • At St Mark’s Church Dublin, Henry R. Greer, Esq., Assistant Professor of Mathematics in the Royal Military College, Sandhurst to Marion, daughter of the late James Gilbert, Lieutenant, R.N.

23 Dec 1862 : Thomas Thompson & Elizabeth Frost

  • At Wirksworth Church, Thomas Thompson, Esq., of Barnane, Templemore, County Tipperary, to Elizabeth Frost, daughter of the late Mr Jeremiah Tatlow, of Wirksworth.

23 Dec 1862 : John Malcom Inglis & Caroline Johnston

  • At Sandymount Presbyterian Church, John Malcom, son of William Inglis, Esq., Arbuthnot, Stirlingshire, to Caroline daughter of John Johnson Esq., of Trenton, Ball’s Bridge, Dublin.

23 Dec 1862 : John Swift & Mina Tweedle

  • At St George’s Hanover Street, London, John Swift, Esq., J.P. of Keoltown, County Westmeath, to Mina, daughter of the late Thomas Tweedle, Esq., J.P., D.L., of Quarter and Rachan, Peebles, Scotland, and Physician General Hon. E.I. Co.’s Service.

27 Dec 1862 : A. N. Campbell & Charlotte Eckford

  • On the 12th November at Rourkee, N.W. Provinces India, Colonel A. N. Campbell, commanding 48th Regiment, to Charlotte, eldest daughter of the late John Eckford, Esq., H.E.I.C.S., ad sister of Mrs James Spaight, of 80, George’s Street.

27 Dec 1862 : George Bagot & Sophie Prosser

  • At Madras, Captain George Bagot, 69th regt. Assistant Adjutant General, Mysore Division, son of the late Rev. John Bagot, Fontstown Glebe, County Kildare, to Sophie, daughter of the late Captain Prosser.

30 Dec 1862 : S.H. Barton & Mary Eliza Frobisher

  • At St Luke’s Church, Cheltenham S.H. Barton Esq., son of the late William Barton Esq., of Grove, County Tipperary and the nephew of the late and cousin of the present Lord Dunalley, to Mary Eliza, daughter of Major Frobisher, Lansdowne Place, Cheltenham, J.P. and D.L. for the County of Gloucester.

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