The following report of the Limerick city petty sessions and Limerick County Assizes was printed in the Limerick Chronicle 16 March 1844.

Petty Sessions – Yesterday.

Michael Doyle and his assistant were fined £2 each or two months’ imprisonment, for maliciously cutting shrubs, the property of Christopher Delmege, Esq. of Castlepark.

Informations were ordered against Jane O’Connor, a “lady of pleasure”, for stealing a sailor’s jacket; against James Fitzgerald, for stealing a donkeyfrom Michael M’Iniery; James Coonerty was fined 2s. 6d. for being drunk in the streets.

Informations were ordered against Martin Garvey, for assault on subsonstable Cassidy of the City Police – and this lad, who is “pigeon Trapper,” was ordered to restore to the owner, Alexander Winiss, of the Royal Horse Artillery, a “Tumbler” stolen from him.

Patrick Burns and Thomas Downes, corn brokers were fined £2 10s. each for having weight purporting to be a half hundred, but which, in reality, was 5lbs, over the regular weight, the bottom having been filled with lead, and other weights were found in their concern some ounces each under the standard weight.

Warrants were issued against several persons who had refused payment of the Grand Jury Cess.

Constable Hardy brought before the court a “Thimble rigger,” named Swift, who by his sleight of hand during the assize succeeded in collecting large crowds and by which a gang with whom he was associated, succeeded in picking the pockets of several countrymen. The offender was committed.

THere were a few assault cases investigated, in which the parties were bound to keep the peace, and the court then adjourned.

Ruling of the Court at the County Assizes

To be hanged next Wednesday, the 8th of May – Edmond Conway, and Patrick Lynch, for the murder of the Rev. Charles Dawson.

To be Transported for Life – John Hanrahan, for violating the person of Mary Daly; Denis Riordan, violating the person of Bridget Griffin.

To be Transported for 10 years – Cornelius Naughten, Patrick Finn, Francis Connell, and Thomas Toomey. highway robbery of the Charleville and Cork butchers.

To be Transported for 7 years – Michael Hogan, violent assault on Zachariah Benn; Daniel Dee and Laurence Connors, assaulting the habitation of Laurence Creagh.

To be Imprisoned – For 2 years at hard labour, James Fitzgerald, stealing cows, the property of Thos. Browning; Timothy Mulcahy, setting fire to the house of Michael Doer.

For 12 months – Daniel McMahon, violent assault on Mary Loughlin ; Michael Reddan, having coining implements in his possession; Patrick Griffin, assault, with intent to violate the person of Mary Sheahan ; John O’Brien and Thomas White, abduction of Margaret Molony ; Thadeus Keane, abduction of Johanna Feehany ; John Gavin, violent assault on William Gavin ; William and Michael Shea, malicious assault on Patrick Wall ; Bridget Molony, sheep stealing ; Patrick Collopy, violent assault on James Corbett.

For 6 months – Ellen Kennedy, abandoning her infant.

For 2 months – Bridget Buckley, larceny.