Pump Lane Graveyard – Society of Friends (Quakers) 1823 – 1833

The 1812-1822 burials

The following are extracts from the burial records for the Limerick Society of Friends, covering those buried in Pump Lane Graveyard which was once situated at the end of Pump Lane in English Town. You can read the original registers for this graveyard at Society of Friends Burial Papers.

Following the death of Rebecca Mark Harvey on Christmas Day 1831, Joseph Massey Harvey her husband donated a portion of his land in Ballinacurra as a burial ground for the Society of Friends. Rebecca was the first to be interred there on the 8th of July 1833, this would become the main graveyard for the Society of Friends from 1834 onwards.

Pump Lane is now known as St. Francis Place and the graveyard is located under St. Mary’s Girls Primary School.

Pumplane Graveyard
Pump Lane Graveyard marked by red X.

*not a member of the Society but asked permission to be buried in the Pump Lane Graveyard

#previous member disowned mostly due to marrying outside the faith.

Sarah Cantsile36Clare Street26 Apr 182326 Apr 1823
Amelia Taverner74New Barrack Road31 May 18231 Jun  1823
Abraham Abell *55Pennywell10 Jan 182412 Jan 1824
Mary Hannah Phelps (dau. of James & Annie Phelps)1y 3mUpper Cecil Street27 May 182428 May 1824
Hannah Newsom (dau. Thomas & Mary Newsom)*10mCornmarket Row14 Dec 182414 Dec 1824
George Sheppard (George & Sarah Sheppard)*10mMary Street11 Jan 182512 Jan 1825
Francis Evans Quin*43North Strand05 May 182506 May 1825
Susanna Peet63George Street07 May 182509 May 1825
Rebecca Harvey (dau. Reuben & Hannah Harvey)*2y 1mFrancis Street13 Jun 182516 Jun 1825
Deborah Alexander (dau. Samuel & Deborah Alexander)22 1/2George Street30 Jun 182503 Jul 1825
Sarah Fisher (widow James Fisher)71Richmond03 Dec 182506 Dec 1825
John Taverner (son. Thomas & Deborah Tavener)*18Glentworth Street01 Dec 182504 Dec 1825
Thomas Christy (son. James & Sarah Christy)*11mJames Street07 Apr 182609 Apr 1826
Mary Newsom (wife. Thomas Newsom)36Cornmarket Row17 Apr 182620 Apr 1826
Denis Newsom (son. Thomas Newsom)11mCornmarket Row13 May 182614 May 1826
Samuel Alexander64George’s Street28 May 182631 May 1826
Edward Henry Hill (son. James & Elizabeth Hill)*5yGeorge Street25 Feb 182727 Feb 1827
Thomas Taverner*51Glentworth Street26 Jul 182729 Jul 1827
Francis Evans*71Broad Street27 Nov 182730 Nov 1827
Samuel Banks*51Old Clare Street31 Jan 182803 Feb 1828
Eleanor Sheppard83Upper William Street24 Apr 182826 Apr 1828
Thomas Mark Harvey28Summerville14 Aug 182816 Aug 1828
Alphra Constance Fisher*11mClareville02 Oct 182804 Oct 1828
Thomas Seymour*61St. Michael’s Parish11 Nov 182812 Nov 1828
James Fisher*45Clareville16 Nov 182819 Nov 1828
Peter Moore (son. William & Maria Moore)*12mRoches Street16 Dec 182818 Dec 1828
Joseph Fisher55Richmond08 Jun 183011 Jun 1830
Mary Hill76William Street10 Jan 183015 Jan 1830
George Fitt*32Limerick07 Feb 183110 Feb 1831
Frances Evans87St. Michael’s Parish12 Feb 183115 Feb 1831
John Alexander76George Street30 Aug 183101 Sep 1831
Mary Cullinne65William Street28 Oct 183101 Nov 1831
Sarah Fitt45Newgate05 Jun 183206 Jun 1832
Jane Seymour*45George Street18 Aug 183218 Aug 1832
George Sheppard*68St. Mary’s Parish22 Oct 183224 Oct 1832
William Sheppard60St. Michael’s Parish17 Jun 183319 Jun 1833
William McAllister89Glentworth Street15 Aug 183318 Aug 1833
John Hill57St. Michael’s Parish19 Oct 183322 Oct 1833

The 1812-1822 burials