rediscovering limerickThis series of videos Rediscovering Limerick details aspects of Limerick’s History is written and presented by Sharon Slater of Limerick’s Life and filmed and edited by Sean Wrenn of I Love Limerick in an attempt to inform, educate and amuse. Rediscovering Limerick takes you onto the streets to walk into the steps of our past.

In this episode we deal with the Pery Family

In the early 17th century Edmond Pery of Exeter met and married the only daughter of Stephen Sexton, who was the owner of the South Prior area of Limerick. This would leave Edmond in line for inheriting this extensive tract of land. When Edmond died this land passed to his son Edward and then his grandson Stackpoole. In this video we pay close attention to three of Stackpoole Pery’s  children:  Edmond Sexton, William Cecil, and Lucy, each of whom left an imprint on Limerick that can still be seen today.

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