Limerick’s Life was very busy in 2013. Not only were we able to contribute 90 posts to the website, but we were also featured in articles in the Irish Independent, Limerick Leader and Limerick Chronicle, RTE’s Nationwide, had a book published and made appearances in two other published works.

Additionally, our Facebook page now has over 3,500 likes, our Twitter page has over 1,300 followers and our videos on YouTube have over 17,000 views.

We love what we do here at Limerick’s Life, and we know that we wouldn’t be as popular without the devotion of you, who read our articles, share our Facebook posts, and watch our videos. So, from everyone here at Limerick’s Life, thank you.

Below is a review of activities outside of the internet that Limerick’s Life had the honour of being involved with in 2013:

review image