View of St. John's ChurchSt John’s graveyard surrounds St John’s Church which stands on the site of an earlier church, which dated from the 1200s. The walls around the graveyard were built in 1693 and present church was built in 1852. The church fell into disuse in the early 1970s and was handed over to the Limerick Corporation in 1975.

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Click on the surname in the left column for a photograph of the headstone. Where possible a link has been added of obituary reports from the Limerick City Library Local Studies directory of Obituaries from The Limerick Chronicle .

Surname Transcription
Sara Sara Che Sara
Sheehy This memorial of… Michael and John Sheehy of their …. Parent Edmond Sheehy who died June AD 42 also … and brother Edmond
Sheehy In loving memory of Thomas Sheehy died 5 May 1929 his grand-daughter Delia McCloskey nee Sheehy died 12 Nov 1988.
Shelton Timothy Keane.. Margaret Keane nee Shelton.. 1854 aged 68 yeas
Smailes To the memory of John Smailes. A commercial traveller of Walsall in Staffordshire who died in this city September 5th 1849 after a short illness aged 49 years.
Storey In loving memory F Storey died 10 November 1962…..
Thompson In memory of Norman Thompson died 12 Jun 1956 R.I.P.
Tinsly The family burial place of John Rickard Tinsly who departed this life 19th April 1892 aged 77 years.
Tracy To the memory of Thomas Tracy who departed this life in certain hope of a glorious immortality through the merits of Christ January 4, 1848 aged 62 years.
Trousdell Sacred to the memory of Grace Agnes the beloved wife of Mr George Trousdell who departed this life 23rd January 1873 aged 27 years and six months. Also his lamented mother Mrs. Anne Trousdell who departed this life 1st day of January 1875 aged 65.
Trousdell George Alfred Trousdell died 6 Nov 1976 aged 60
Trousdell This monument is erected by John Myles to the memory of his beloved son John Myles Junr who depd this life on the 21 day of Dec 1827 aged 20 yr. Margaret Trousdell widow of the late Wm Trousdell died 30 July 1905 aged 59 years. Also her son George Alfred who died 11 January 1914 aged 57 years.
Unthank To the memory of John Unthank Esq. of Thomas Street in this city who departed this life on the 19th February 1849 aged 57 years. This monument is erected as a small testimony of the respect and affection of his sorrowing wife and children.
Vokes James Edward Vokes Family burial Ground
Warburton Here lieth the body of Captin Robert Warburton of the Royal Navy who died Nov 1807 Aged 41
Ward Erected by Ellen Ward, Hartstonge Street in memory of her father and mother and grandmother.
Warren Here … of Henry Warren son of John Warren who departed this life July 5 – 1757 aged 20 years.
White Erected to the memory of Richard Joseph White born Sep 8th 1841 died June 9th 1878. Erected by his widow.
Wilson Ralph Wilson died 11 June 1863. Catherine his wife died 10 March 1875 and Kate their daughter died 9 Aug 1888.
Woodburn Erected to the memory of Henry Woodburn Esq who died 5th May 1862. Also of his wife (Emily) who died January 30 1852
Worrall Sacred to the memory of Eliza the beloved wife of Joseph Parker M.D. who died the 19th of April 1858. And of his three children Emma Mary who died October the 8th 1846. William Joseph who died 17th of May 1848. John Worrall who died 17th of May 1848. Also in memory of his parents Joseph & Mary Parker who died the former 26th October 1836 the later 24th of June 1832.
Wrenn Erect A.D. 1819 by Sarah Wrenn to the memory of her husband M John Wrenn who departd this life August 18th 1788 aged 40 years. Also by Eustace Rahilly in mem. Of his wife …. Who depart this life … 1793 age 30
Yeoman In loving memory of Alice Emma Yeoman who died 26th February 1926 aged 65. And Ivy Alice died 6 Jan 1971 aged 78 daughter of William buried in Portlaw and Alice Yeoman.
Young The Family burial place of J.B. Young.
Young In loving memory of William James Young who died Jan 11 1895 aged 69 years and also his wife, Frances M. Young, who died Mar 31 1876 aged 49 years. (William James Young – was resident at North Strand when he died, his wife’s middle name was Anna according to the newspaper listing, she was daughter of Robert Roland Drought, and they were resident at 4 New Street when she died.)
Unknown …Long departed this life… 1767
Unknown Erected by his wife in memory of … who died 1854…. His beloved wife aged 54 years
Unknown Erected by George … to the memory of Maria his beloved wife who died Sept 3rd 1857 aged 37 years.
Unknown This stone was erected by James…
Unknown Here lyeth the body of … Decease .. March 16 1742 aged 79 also his wife Marg Decd .. May 1746 aged 60 and also their daughter E.. .. 1742 their daughter Catherine ..1778 aged 78yrs
The remaining headstones were unreadable