St. Patrick’s Graveyard is situated on the top of St. Patrick’s Road next to St. Bridget’s Church. The Roman Catholic church which stood on this site was in ruins by the 17th century, the Down Survey Map of 1683 shows a round tower in this site though this was demolished by the beginning of the 19th century. The graveyard was officially closed in the early 20th century it was continued to be in use by people who had family plots until recently.

Below are transcriptions and photographs of some of the remaining headstones. As well as names of those recorded in local newspapers (Limerick Leader and Limerick Chronicle) and in the Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead Vol IX for the years 1913-1916 (JAPMD) as buried in St Patrick’s graveyard.

Where possible the obituaries from the Limerick City Library Local Studies Obituaries Collection and the Irish Census returns 1901 and 1911 have been added to the information of the above mentioned as buried in St. Patrick’s Graveyard.

View from St. Patrick’s Graveyard, St. Patrick’s Road of Garryowen and St. John’s Cathedral.

View from St. Patricks

Those known to be buried in St Patrick’s Graveyard with surnames E to H


Enright – “Erd by Tho. Enright in memory of his belovd wife Ellen Enright … McInerney who died Feb 10 1823 aged 42 years. James McCarthy died April 16 1891 aged 12 years” – Photograph

Elverton-: “James Elverton” – Photograph

  • James Elverton lived on Old Francis Street in 1911 and worked as a dock labourer.


Fitzgerald – “sacred to the memory of Matilda Fitzgerald who died …October 1847..” – Photograph

  • Matilda Fitzgerald was the daughter of Henry Bindon Fitzgerald and they lived at Upper Hartsonge Street. Her obituary of the 27 October 1847 in the Limerick Chronicle read “a young lady of the sweetest and most amiable disposition, and whose premature death is the source of great affliction to her friends“.

Fitzgerald – “This Stone Was Erected by Francis Fitzgerald in Memory of his Father Garret Fitzgerald who Depd life Septr 26 1781 aged 52 yrs. May he rest in peace Amen. As Was this Monument Erected by Mrs Fitzgerald in memory of her Husband Said Francis who dept Life Oct. 6th 1797 Aged 39 years Lord have Mercy on his Soul.” – (JAPMD)

Fleming –  “Pray for the soul of Margaret Fleming who dep this life May 13 1852 age 30y” – Photograph


Gavin Mary Gavin, 56 Clarina Avenue, Ballinacurra Weston, died 7 Feb 1956 in City Hospital. Funeral at St Michael’s Church. (Limerick Leader, 8 Feb 1956)

Gould – “In loving memory of Johanna Gould who died June 3 1872 also her daughter Mrs E Sarsfield who died Oct 1..7 & Mary Davis died 26 May 1915 R.I.P.” – Photograph

Griffin John Griffin, 59 Keane Street, Killalee, died 10 April 1958. Funeral St John’s Cathedral. (Limerick Leader, 12 April 1958)

Glynn – In 1945 “the tomb of Prior Glynn’s family was smashed… Prior Glynn was in Rome from 1874 to 1894 and died in the Priory, O’Connell Street, Limerick” (Limerick Leader, 8 Jan 1945)


Hannan – Erected by Denis Hannan to the memory of his wife Catherine Hannan … 1867..” – Photograph

Hartigan – “…Michael Hartigan…1906… Pa…” – Photograph

Hartigan – “This stone was erected by Mary Hartigan in memory of her father Richard Hartigan who dept this life Feby the 13 1798 aged 48 yrs. May he rest in peace Amen ” – Photograph

Harty – “..Mary Harty..1820…” – Photograph

Harty  Michael Harty, 14 Mungret Street, died 1 Nov 1942. Funeral at St John’s Cathedral (Limerick Leader, 2 Nov 1942)

Harvey – “.. their beloved brother John Harvey… 1892…” – Photograph

Hedegan – Mary Hedegan 1721 – (JAPMD)

Heffernan – This Stone was erected by James Heffernan in Memory of his Wife Catherine Heffernan who depd Life Jan 1795 Aged 61 yrs  May She rest in Peace. – (JAPMD)

Hickey – “Erected .. James Hickey… 18.7..” – Photograph

Hickey – “In loving memory of my dear husband John Hickey died 20 Sept 1915 aged 39 yrs and my fond son Cornelius died July 14 1921 aged 18 years” – Photograph

  • In 1911 John and Cornelius and their family were living in Playhouse Lane. John was a general labourer.

Hogan – This tomb was erected by Thomas | Hogan in memory of his brother | Patrick Hogan died June 1788 | aged | 38. Also his Mother Anstis | Hogan alias Cashin Died May | 10. 1708 Aged 58 years. May they rest in | Peace. Amen.

Hynes Jerry Hynes of Pennywell died on 6 May 1907. Funeral was at St Patrick’s Church (Limerick Leader, 8 May 1907)

Those known to be buried in St Patrick’s Graveyard with surnames A to D

Those known to be buried in St Patrick’s Graveyard with surnames E to H

Those known to be buried in St Patrick’s Graveyard with surnames I to L

Those known to be buried in St Patrick’s Graveyard with surnames M to Q

Those known to be buried in St Patrick’s Graveyard with surnames R to Y