St. Patrick’s Graveyard is situated on the top of St. Patrick’s Road next to St. Bridget’s Church. The Roman Catholic church which stood on this site was in ruins by the 17th century, the Down Survey Map of 1683 shows a round tower in this site though this was demolished by the beginning of the 19th century. The graveyard was officially closed in the early 20th century it was continued to be in use by people who had family plots until recently.

Below are transcriptions and photographs of some of the remaining headstones. As well as names of those recorded in local newspapers (Limerick Leader and Limerick Chronicle) and in the Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead Vol IX for the years 1913-1916 (JAPMD) as buried in St Patrick’s graveyard.

Where possible the obituaries from the Limerick City Library Local Studies Obituaries Collection and the Irish Census returns 1901 and 1911 have been added to the information of the above mentioned as buried in St. Patrick’s Graveyard.

View from St. Patrick’s Graveyard, St. Patrick’s Road of Garryowen and St. John’s Cathedral.

View from St. Patricks

Those known to be buried in St Patrick’s Graveyard with surnames M to Q


Maley – Hear lies The Body of Mary Maley who Departed This Life June 13 1774 Aged 5 years. – (JAPMD)

  • Alternative name Malley or O’Malley

Mannix – “Erected by Patrick Mannix in fond remembrance of his kind father Cornelius Mannix died Dec 1 1860 aged 60. And his most beloved mother Catherine Mannix died Jan 14 1890 aged 66.. dearly beloved sister Maryanne died Sep 2 1882 aged 30 years. His younger brother and sisters John, Bridget, Harriett died in their childhood. His Grandfather Patrick Mannix died August 4 1874 aged 84. Patrick Mannix died .. March 1939 aged 96 years ” – Photograph

  • In 1911 Patrick Joseph Mannix was living with is brothers James and Michael and they ran a pub on Upper Cecil Street. 10 years earlier in 1901 his brothers Cornelius and John, and his aunt Catherine Judge were also working in his pub.

McCany – “This Stone was Erected by Charles McCany in memory of his son John McCany who deptd life 14 of July 1799 Aged 20 yrs May he rest in peace.” – (JAPMD)

McCarty – “Erected by Eugene McCarthy sacred to the memory of his beloved wife Anna Maria McCarty who died Nov .. 1845” – Photograph

McCarthy – “Mary Anne McCarthy… 1830..” – Photograph

McCarthy – Margaret McCarthy, aged 20,  known as Peggy, daughter of Charles McCarthy, Clare Street died on 23 Jan 1911. Funeral was at St John’s Cathedral (Limerick Leader, 23 Jan 1911)

McDonnell – “Michael McDonnell died Feb 5th 1893. George Mulcahy died Aug 6th 1912. Christy McDonnell died Aug 8th 1919. – Photograph

  • (There is a possibility that the years of death are wrong on this grave marker as the Civil Death records do not have corresponding information, though a George Mulcahy did pass away in 1913, and a Christina McDonnell passed away in 1917, Michael McDonnell was recorded as M’Donnell on the death register in 1893, he was 38 years old – Update with thanks to Paddy Waldron

McHugh – “… Edward McHugh… 1888..” – Photograph

McNamara – “Baby Paul McNamara born 20 March 1964 died 21 March 1964” – Photograph

McNamara – Michael McNamara, 9 Bishop Street, died 11 September 1948. (Limerick Leader, 13 September 1948)

Meany – “Erected by Mary Meany in memory of her beloved daughters Mary who died .. June 1870 aged 16 years  Also Bridget who died 29 April 1877 aged 22 years and her father brother and sister Mary…” – Photograph

Moloney – “Here lies David Moloney aged 3 years 1799” – Photograph

Molony – This Monument Was Erected | By Michl Molony in memory of | His son john Molony who Dept | This Life Febry 17 1797 Aged 23 | years. The Lord have Mercy | On his Soul.

Moore – “..of Danl Moore … 1945 .. Maryann .. March 1926…” – Photograph

  • Alternative name Daniel Moore and Mary Anne

Morgan – “In Loving Memory of Annette Morgan who died 24 Sept 1954 aged 46 years. Also her father Thomas Kelly and her mother Alice Kelly and her sister Josephine Kelly and her sister Alice Shields R.I.P. Erected by her son Derek Morgan” – Photograph

  • In 1901 her family were living in Whitewine Lane, her father Thomas Kelly was working as dock labourer.  Annette has at least seven siblings, some of whom spoke both English and Irish.
  • Annie Morgan nee Kelly, died at her residence 234 Gloster Terrace, England, late of 11 Watergate, Limerick on 21 Sept 1954. Funeral at St Michael’s Church (Limerick Leader, 2 Oct 1954)

Morisey – “Here lies the body of John Morisey died Jul the 1 1743 aged 36” – Photograph

  • Alternative name: John Morrissey

Morris – “Erected by Catherine Miller in memory of her father Thomas Morris who died June the 14th 1833 aged 68 years also her mother Margaret Morris” – Photograph


Nunan – “.. Edward Nunan.. 1832..” – Photograph


O’Brien – “Bridget O’Brien who died the 16th of the 6th 1894 aged 26 years R.I.P.” – Photograph

O’Brien – “Erected by Mary Kiely to the memory of her father John O’Brien who died April 25th 1870 aged  84 years also her mother and brothers” – Photograph

O’Brien – Mrs John O’Brien, died at her residence Standard Store, 33 Patrick Street in July 1948 (Limerick Leader, 17 Jul 1948)

O’Brien – “This Tomb was Erected by Mary O Brien in memory of Her Husband Matthew O Brien who departed This Life March Also her daughter Mary O Brien who departed Ober 8 1773 Aged 10 years.” – (JAPMD)

O’Callaghan – “.. tomb was erected by Jams O’Callaghan in memory of his daughter Jane McLoughlin alias O’Callaghan who depd this life July 21 1778 aged 24 years” – Photograph

O’Connor – “In memory of our baby brother John Gerard O’Connor late of 11 Bishop Street buried somewhere in this cemetery in 1962 aged 9 months rest in peace Erected by his loving brothers and sisters ” – Photograph

O’Donoghue – “Erected by Ann O’Donoghue alias Hickey in memory of her father James Hickey who departed this life September 1790 aged 40 years. Also her brother John Hickey who this life June 30 1820 aged 36 years. Also her mother Mary Hickey alias Goff who departed this life January 12th 1822 aged 56 years ” – Photograph

O’Grady – “In loving memory of John O’Grady died 27 J.. 1923 aged 2 years also Thomas Sarsfield, Michael, John, Mary, Lallie & Lizzie ” – Photograph

O’Shaughnessy – “Jesus have mercy on the souls of Mary and James O’Shaughnessy R.I.P.” – Photograph

  • Possibly James O’Shaughnessy who died 9 Oct 1936 at his home 33 Athlunkard Street. Funeral at St Mary’s Church (Limerick Leader, 10 Oct 1936)

O’Shaughnessy – “Erected by Mr Francis O’Shaughnessy to the memory of his granddaughter Mrs Jane Cussen who departed this life February 1th 1845 aged .. years….” – Jane Cussen was the youngest daughter of Patrick Cussen, a grocer and wine merchant, Jane passed away after a protracted illness in her mother’s house in George Street (O’Connell Street). – Photograph

O’Sullivan – “This stone was erected by James O’Sullivan in memory of his son Henry aged 14 years. Here lies the remains of James O’Sullivan Esq, who departed this life on the 4th August 1836 in the 52nd year of his life. And his wife Honora O Sullivan who died on the 26th May 1853 in he 60th Year. May they rest in peace” – Photograph

O’Sullivan – “This stone was erected by Therrenc O’Sullivn to the memory…”- Photograph

  • Alternative spelling of this name Terence O’Sullivan.

O’Sullivan – “This Stone is erected by Jams O Sullivan in Memory of his Mother Allice Sullivan Deceased April 10th 1778 Aged 36 yrs.” – (JAPMD)

  • Alternative names James O’Sullivan and Alice O’Sullivan


Pittaway – “In loving memory of my dear wife Ellen Pittaway died 10th April 1907 erected by Jas Pittaway R.I.P.” – Photograph

  • In 1901 James and Ellen Pittaway were living in Barrack Lane. James Pittaway was born in India, he worked as a lithographer while his wife Ellen worked as a Photo Grameller, Ellen’s sister Mary Ryan was living with them at the time. From the Civil death records James Pittaway also passed away in 1907.

Purcell – “Erected by Willm Purcell in mem of his beloved wife Fanny Moore who died… aged… his children Margaret, Ellen.. ” – Photograph

  • Alternative name: William Purcell


Quilligan – “Roger Quilligan died – 1900 John – 1905 also Bridget, Patrick, Michael” – Photograph

Quinlan – “Sacred to the memory of John Quinlan … 1851.. also Bridget Quinlan .. 1847…” – Photograph

Quinlan – “Erected by Co… Quinlan in memory of his beloved wife Mary Quinlan Alias Dillon who departed life May .. 1849 aged 23 years also his children John, Edward and C….” – Photograph

Those known to be buried in St Patrick’s Graveyard with surnames A to D

Those known to be buried in St Patrick’s Graveyard with surnames E to H

Those known to be buried in St Patrick’s Graveyard with surnames I to L

Those known to be buried in St Patrick’s Graveyard with surnames M to Q

Those known to be buried in St Patrick’s Graveyard with surnames R to Y