St. Patrick’s Graveyard is situated on the top of St. Patrick’s Road next to St. Bridget’s Church. The Roman Catholic church which stood on this site was in ruins by the 17th century, the Down Survey Map of 1683 shows a round tower in this site though this was demolished by the beginning of the 19th century. The graveyard was officially closed in the early 20th century it was continued to be in use by people who had family plots until recently.

Below are transcriptions and photographs of some of the remaining headstones. As well as names of those recorded in local newspapers (Limerick Leader and Limerick Chronicle) and in the Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead Vol IX for the years 1913-1916 (JAPMD) as buried in St Patrick’s graveyard.

Where possible the obituaries from the Limerick City Library Local Studies Obituaries Collection and the Irish Census returns 1901 and 1911 have been added to the information of the above mentioned as buried in St. Patrick’s Graveyard.

View from St. Patrick’s Graveyard, St. Patrick’s Road of Garryowen and St. John’s Cathedral.

View from St. Patricks


Anderson – “In memory of Patrick Anderson who died the 10th of November 1860 aged 51 years. Also his son William who died the 5th of January 1862 aged 25 years also his mother who died the 20th of May 1862 aged 76 years ” – Photograph

  • William Anderson‘s death notification was in the Limerick Chronicle dated 8 January 1862, he was recorded as a Brass Founder and Plumber living in Catherine Street.


Barrett – “30/11/1966 Martin Clohessy Peter Barrett” – Photograph

Begley – “… Bridget Begley…” – Photograph

Bond – “In loving memory of Sean Bond died 1946, his father Stephen Bond died 1953 R.I.P.” – Photograph

Bourk – “Erected by Edmd Bourk in memory of his father Richard Bourk & his mother Mary Bourk Alias Conway allso Denis Hogan who deptd life July 4th 1798 age 34 years may they rest in peace Amen” – Photograph

  • Alternative names Edmund Bourke, Richard Bourke, possibly Mary Conway Bourke

Bowles – “Erected by Ellen Kiely in memory of her father David Bowles died Dec 23 1870 aged 67 years and her mother Bridget Bowles died 24 1875 and her beloved brother James Bowles died feb 1895 aged 50.. John Bowles … Michael Bowles” – Photograph

  • Bridget Bowles civil death was recorded in 1876 and her year of birth was given as 1816. John Bowles possibly died in 1864 aged 10 years. Michael Bowles possibly died in 1882 aged 40 years or in 1864 aged 16 years.

Brahan – Erected by Revd John Brahan to the memory of his father and mother may they …. peace amen” – Photograph

  • The above mentioned Reverend John Brahan became the Parish Priest of Newcastlewest and was interred in the Roman Catholic Chapel there in 1861. His mother passed away in 1838 while John was the Parish Priest of Kilmallock. His sister Sarah Brahan died in John’s house in Wilson’s Quay in 1845 while he was the parish priest of St. Mary’s Church.

Byrnes – “1799066 Aircraftman 2nd Cl F.J. Byrnes Royal Air Force 20th November 1943 age 26”- Photograph

Byrnes – “5/6134 Private J. Byrnes Royal Munster Fusiliers 10th July 1916 age 54” – John Byrnes 1st Battalion of the Royal Munster Fusiliers. – Photograph


Carey – Margaret Carey of 28 Back Clare Street, died 9 June 1938. Funeral at St John’s Cathedral (Limerick Leader, 11 June 1938)

Carrick – “Michael Carrick died June 1943 his daughter Bridgie died 11th Oct 1937 R.I.P.” – Photograph

Closter – Catherine Closter 1849 – Photograph

Collopy – Óglaigh na hÉireann In memory of Vol. John Joseph Collopy. Pennywell, Limerick. B.Company Limerick City. I.R.A. Died 15th December 1920 of injuries sustained in the burning of Castletroy R.I.C. Barrack, 3rd April 1920. Buried in this graveyard. Ar Dheis Dé go raibh a anam dílis” – Photograph

  • In 1911 John Joseph Collopy was living with his parents and siblings at Hell’s Lane. By 1911 his parents had 14 children but only 8 of them still living.

Cowhy – “Erected by Pat & David Cowhy in memory of their Mother Catherine Cowhy Alias Coomy who dep this life Jan 14 1838 aged 60 yrs also John Cowhy son of Pat Cowhy dep his life Febr 17. 1840 age 14 years also Edward Cowhy son of David Cowhy dep life April 22 1845 aged 10 years. May they rest in peace” – Photograph

Cross – Patrick Cross, Lower Park, died 4 Oct 1942. Funeral at St John’s Cathedral. (Limerick Leader, 5 Oct 1942)

Culligan – “Erected by Mc Culligan in Memory of his son James Culligan Depd 23 Dec 1799 Aged 14 yers. Also his Brother in law Dennis Moloney depd  June 1 1801 Aged 18 yrs  May they rest in peace” – (JAPMD)

Cupps – “This tomb was erected by Thom J Cupps in memory of his son Thomas M Cupps who dep this life Dec 18.. Also his son Thomas who died March 19th 1816 aged 18 months” – Photograph

Cussen – “Erected by Mr Francis O’Shaughnessy to the memory of his granddaughter Mrs Jane Cussen who departed this life February 1th 1845 aged .. years….”- Photograph

  • Jane Cussen was the youngest daughter of Patrick Cussen, a grocer and wine merchant, Jane passed away after a protracted illness in her mother’s house in George Street (O’Connell Street).


Daly – “In loving memory of her beloved husband Edward Daly who departed this life on the .. July 1862 aged .. years and her infant children John and Ellen.. erected by their beraved wife and afflicted mother Mary Daly alias Dowd” – Photograph

Davis – “In loving memory of Johanna Gould who died June 3 1872 also her daughter Mrs E Sarsfield who died Oct 1..7 & Mary Davis died 26 May 1915 R.I.P.” – Photograph

Delany – “… to sight to memory dear. Beneath this tablet erected by John Delany lies the remains of his beloved son John Delany who departed life February the 28th 1815 aged 16 years. May he rest in Peace Amen” – Photograph

Douling – “This Stone is erected by Mary Douling in Memory of her husbd Edmond Doulin Died 9th Jan 1772 Aged 70 years.” – (JAPMD)

  • Alternative spelling Dowling

Dowd – “Erected by John Dowd in memory of his father Edmd Dowd who departed life July 10 1803 aged… also his… John Dowd… Edward Dowd… September 1811 aged… may they rest in peace” – Photograph

  • Alternative name: Edmund Dowd.

Downs – “This Tomb was Erected by Jams Downs in Memory of His wife Bridget Douns alias Dunn & Seven Children by her Who Departed This Life ..ber  22 1768 Aged 33 years  Also the body of Julia Kelly Alias Downs who departed This Life 14th June 1777 Aged 23 years. Requiescant in pace.  Amen.” – (JAPMD)

Downs – “This Stone is erected by Willm Downs in memory of his childrn particularly Nanty Downs departd 18 Feb 1778 Aged 8.” – (JAPMD)

  • Alternative names William Downs and Nancy Downs

Duffy – “In loving memory of William Duffy who died 11th Feb 1937 aged 29 years R.I.P.” – Photograph

Dundon – “Michael Dundon died 1 Jan 1943 Margaret Dundon died 22nd Oct 1956 erected by Mam and Dad” – Photograph

Dwyer – “Erected by Johy Dwyer in memory of his beloved.. ” – Photograph

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