Listed below are the most likely reasons behind each street name in the city, though some of the street names have changed through time and some of the original reasoning for certain names have been lost entirely. Many of these street names did not appear in Gerry Joyce’s ‘Limerick City Street Names‘.

Where possible a link to the street on the 1911 census has been added.

Streets beginning with:

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James’ Street: Is located off Upper Mallow Street, named after James Myles, a property own in the area, Myles Street and Myles Place in the same area were also named after James Myles.

James Street : This was located parallel to John’s Square, off Gerald Griffin Street.

Jesuit Lane: This lane is located at the rear of the Jesuit Church, O’Connell Street.

John’s Square: so named as it fronted St. John’s Church, it is a three sided square and was the first planned square of the newly designed city. There is a benchmark in John’s Square.

John’s Gate : Named after the old gate house which once stood on the old walls which surrounded the city. Some of these walls can still be seen in this area. There is a video on the Walls of Limerick

John’s Street (part 2): it was one of the original streets in the Irishtown area and was probably named because it led to St. John’s Church. Photograph of John’s Street.

Johnson’s Lane : Located between Broad Street and White Wine Lane.

Jones Lane/Place: This was located off Mungret Street, in St. John’s Parish.

Josses Lane: This was located in the maze of lanes which once was the John Street/Broad Street area, many of these lanes no longer exist.

Joynt’s Lane: Located between Broad Street and Miller’s Lane

Street map of Limerick 1912

Street map of Limerick, 1912