Listed below are the most likely reasons behind each street name in the city, though some of the street names have changed through time and some of the original reasoning for certain names have been lost entirely. Many of these street names did not appear in Gerry Joyce’s ‘Limerick City Street Names‘.

Where possible a link to the street on the 1911 census has been added.

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Talbot Avenue: named after Matt Talbot (1856-1925) a Dublin man who was declared by the Catholic Church to be a “servant of God”, and subsequently given the title “Venerable”.

Tanyard Lane (part 2): (now Old Windmill Street), named after the adjacent Tanyard owned by the O’Callaghan family.

Taylors Row , Taylors Street: Named after William Taylor. Taylors Street was located off Upper Cecil Street.

Theatre Lane: located off lower Glentworth Street, named because of its proximity to the old Theatre Royal, in Henry Street. The Theatre was destroyed by fire in 1922. Photograph of Theatre Lane

Thomas Street (part 2): The name Thomas Street appears on the map prepared by Christopher Colles in the 1760s, though it was situated where Sarsfield Street is today. This shows that the name Thomas was always a contender when it came to the Newtownpery area.  The street was most likely named after Thomas Knoxs who married Edmund Sexton Pery’s daughter Diana in 1785. Photograph of Thomas Street

Thomas Court

Thomond Terrace : Named due to it’s proximity to Thomond Bridge.

Thomondgate: Named after the Gate by Thomond Bridge.

Todd’s Bow: (formerly Todd’s Row) took its name from Todd’s premises, which extended over the lane to form a Bow.

Town Wall: named after the old city wall.

Treaty Terrace : Names due to its location near the Treaty Stone.