Timothy Collopy, a Painter, was born in Limerick. He began his working life as a baker’s apprentice, and after his talent for art was discovered by Father Walsh, an Augustinian, he was sent to Rome to study art. His fare and board was raised by subscription from the wealthy Roman Catholic merchants in Limerick.

While in Rome he studied with Hugh Hamilton and Henry Tresham. While in Naples he painted Dorothea Maunsell (Limerick Author) and later gave her drawing lessons.

timothy collopy


On his return to Limerick he painted altar pieces in the original Augustinian Church in Creagh Lane and St. John’s Roman Catholic Chapel. The painting of the “Ascension” was originally given to the Augustinian Church and moved with the church to O’Connell Street and now hangs opposite the shop entrance within the church. The painting of the “Deposition from the Cross” in St. John’s Chapel was moved to St. John’s Cathedral, which replaced the chapel.

He was also known for painting historical and religious icons. By 1777 he had moved to Dublin where he exhibited his portrait works at 112 Grafton St. Dublin in 1780. A few years later he moved to London where he exhibited in 1786 and 1788.

In October and November 1795 Timothy Collopy worked as a picture restorer at the country home of John Parker, the 1st Earl of Morley house at Saltram House, Plymouth, England. While here he cleaned and varnished numerous pictures throughout the house. He was referred to by Lord Morley’s sister as ‘a little painter who is in the house cleaning pictures’.  He was remembered at Saltram by a room called the Collopy Room. He also cleaned pictures in the collection of the Marquis of Bute in London.

On the 16 September 1804 Timothy created his Last Will and Testament, in which he bequeath his estate to his son George Collopy, born 1795, in Limerick. Timothy passed away on the 4 May 1811. His Will was proved on 5 August 1811, Henry Campbell and Henry Tresham, who was schooled in Rome with Timothy, testified that the handwriting in the Will was indeed Timothy Collopy’s.

His paintings, drawings, prints and books were auctioned by the world renowned Christie’s of London, 20-21 December 1811.

Samples of Work by Timothy Collopy


Timothy Collopy

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Timothy Collopy

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