As part of the Life Long Learning Festival 2013 Sharon Slater and Gabriela Avram collaborated on the most recent Tweasure Hunt. This is the fourth Tweasure Hunt around the city and this tour took the participants around the John’s Gate area. The theme for this event was Family and so the team names were renowned Limerick Family Names.

Our participants consisted of three families and two individuals, these were broken up into three teams each of which had a Smart Phone and Twitter account. We met at Zest Cafe where we handed out the instructions and the teams went on their way. As well as finding the answers to the questions the teams had to meet each other and swap the names of “Famous Limerick Visitors“, post a letter to themselves using a particular postbox, and make their own plaque of note. Using the hash tag #lovelearning the teams tweated their answers as they went and the points were calculated quickly, the results of which were:

Team Massey : 210

Team Vereker : 150

Team Vokes : 90

Each team came back to delicious Zest Cupcakes as well as a Family Tree Chart keeping with the family theme of this event.

If you would like to take your own Tweasure Hunt around the John’s Gate area, here are the questions and the hidden images are the solutions:



1. Take a trip for the Easter Rising from this 1858 solid building.

2. Blink and you may miss the smallest public space in the city. (p)

3. You may be a little confuse if you lived in this street as it has two names.

4. You will need to look high and low for the marking that shows that this place was once a stage but is a stage no more. (p)

5.  Taking its shape from a shield this epitaph to a Patriot Poet is etched in Stone.

6. In this building you once could Save your Body but you can now Save your Soul.

7. Even a man of so many talents such as a novelist, poet and dramatist needed somewhere to call home. (p)

8. This ground has been in use as long as there has been Christianity in this city – it may have seen better days but it still stands. (p)

9. This is the house of the Spirit in the grounds of the Spirits – the only one of its kind in Ireland.

10. In 1693 there were more important things to a family by this name that the nearby famous chips.

11. Bring me your parched parishioners and I will quench their thirst.

12. Once we kept an eye on the countryside, allowing only the acceptable through this important entranceway into the city. (p)

13. Lady Lucy Hartstonge had set her sights on this area and in 1780 turned this house of war into a house of health. (p)

14. He stands here all alone and all too green, pointing the way that cannot be seen.

15. Not as ornate as other buildings by this name but used for amusements just the same.