On 1st of April Tara Robinson, Gabriela Avram and Sharon Slater collaborated to put on a Tweasure Hunt. It was called Tweasure Hunt as it was a historic treasure hunt that utilised the use of Twitter. This event was in association with the Limerick Life Long Learning Festival. There were 15 to 20 participants who were split into teams. Overall, the event was a complete success.

The Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival, which will run from Monday 26th March to Sunday 1st April 2012, is a celebration of Learning across the region. By showcasing a wide variety of enjoyable and informative events, the festival aims to promote Limerick as a superb location for personal, social and work-related learning and development. Building on the success of the pilot Festival held in Limerick City last June, the 2012 Festival will feature over 140 events and activities across the City and County. Best of all, the events are free and open to all. The Lifelong Learning Festival is organised by the Limerick City of Learning Steering Group, in collaboration with Limerick Communications Office, Limerick County Council and County Limerick VEC.

The Tweasure Hunt consisted of a task to accumulate as many points as possible by taking photos of historical plaques and making one of their own. It just so happened that the Limerick Tidy Town initiative was  also in town at the same time, so rather than compete we decided to cooperate and participants were able to receive points by getting photographed with people involved in the Limerick Tidy Town clean-up. Points were also awarded by sharing good and bad aspects encountered on the streets of Limerick.

The Tweasure Hunt also included shooting a photo from the same angle as a historical photo of Limerick from the Limerick’s Life archive and taking a photo of a fake plaque planted by us close to a genuine historical one. We thought this would be humorous. The date was April 1st, after all!

Tweasure Hunt - Limerick Life Long Learning Festival

Sharon Slater and Gabriela Avram tabulating points during the Tweasure Hunt event.

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