The following list contains marriages that mention places in County Tyrone in 1862. These records were extracted from  news reports of Irish Marriages published in the Limerick Chronicle in 1862:

01 Jan 1862 : Joseph Beatty & Bella Acheson

  • At Castlecaulfield, Joseph Beatty, Esq., of Ballymena to Bella, daughter of the Rev Joseph Acheson, Castlecaulfield.

05 Feb 1862 : Seaton F. Milligan & Elizabeth Burns

  • In the Wesleyan Chapel, Omagh, Mr Seaton F. Milligan, of Belfast, to Charlotte Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr Samuel Burns, Omagh.

13 Feb 1862 : Bartholomew Ring & Elizabeth Williott

  • At St Peter’s Church, Dublin, the Rev Bartholomew Ring, L.L.D., Chaplain R.N., to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Wm. Williott, Esq., of Strabane.

27 Feb 1862 : William Jones Barcroft & Hannah Wakefield Handcock

  • At the Friends’ Meeting House, Clonmel, William Jones Barcroft of Bedford, near Moy, County Tyrone, to Hannah Wakefield, daughter of Thomas Handcock, M.D., of Finsbury Square, London, and Lisburn, County Antrim.

15 Apr 1862 : John Rutledge & Jane Armstrong

  • In the Presbyterian Church, Castlederg, County Tyrone, John Rutledge, Esq., Trillick, to Jane daughter of the Rev. John Armstrong, Castlederg.

27 May 1862 : Frederick Viner & Margaret Jane Hanson

  • In St Anne’s Church, Belfast, Frederick Viner, Esq., of Bristol, to Margaret Jane, daughter of the late Rev James Hanson, of Donaghmore, County Tyrone.

27 May 1862 : Andrew Monteith & Mrs I Jones

  • In the Church of Newtownstewart, Mr Andrew Monteith, merchant, Newtownstewart, to Mrs I Jones, formerly of Philadelphia, U.S.

03 Jun 1862 : Richard Johnston & Hester Lowry

  • At St. Stephen’s Church, Dublin, the Rev. Richard Johnston, of O’Meath, diocese of Armagh, to Hester, daughter of R.W. Lowry, Esq., D.L. Pomeroy, County Tyrone, and Belmore, County Westmeath.

08 Apr 1862 : John Dickson & Jane Matilda Reid

  • In Belfast, John Dickson, Esq., of Belfast to Jane Matilda, daughter of the late Rev Davis Reid, Cookstown.

11 Sep 1862 : Thomas Waggett & Catherine Rankin

  • At Lissan Church, Thomas Waggett, of Courtmac-Sherry, Esq., son of the late Rev. Thomas Waggett of Rathclarin, County Cork, to Catherine, daughter of the late Samuel Rankin Magill of Cookstown, County Tyrone, Esq. J.P.

20 Sep 1862 : Thomas Corrigan & Charlotte Goodlake

  • At Moy Church, Thos. Corrigan, Tullynure, County Tyrone, Esq., to Charlotte, daughter of D.T. Goodlake, esq., Salem Lodge, County Armagh.

11 Nov 1862 : Richard P Irwin & Elizabeth M’Cammon

  • At Holywood, Richard P. Irwin, son of the late James Irwin, Esq., Millbrook, County Tyrone, to Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas M’Cammon, Esq., Holywood.

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