The following list contains marriages that mention places in county Down.

These records were extracted from  news reports of Irish Marriages published in the Limerick Chronicle, 1863:


29 January: William Glenny & Elizabeth MCClelland

At Ballyroney, William Glenny, Esq., of Glenville, county Down, to Elizabeth, daughter of James McClelland Esq., of Edengarry, in the same county


21 February: Hugh Wright & Maggie Bell

At Holywood, county Down, Hugh Wright Esq., Wigntonshire to Maggie, daughter of the late James Bell, Esq., of Belfast


24 February: Howard M Ferrars & Charlotte Amelia Stewart

In Belfast, Howard M Ferrars, Esq., to Charlotte Amelia, daughter of the late John George Stewart, Esq., of the county Down


26 March: James Andrews & Mary Catherine Andrews

In Dublin, James Andrews, son of John Andrews, Esq., J.P., of Courlin, in the county of Down, to Mary Catherine, daughter of Robert Andrews, Esq., LL.D., Q.C., Mountjoy-square, Dublin.


4 April: John D Falloon & Mary Ruthven

At Downpatrick, John D Falloon Esq., son of the Rev J Falloon, Rector of Ballymore, county Westmeath, to Mary, daughter of the late Charles Wm. Ruthven, Esq.


9 April: Jacob Halliday & Annie Green

At Hillsborough, Jacob Halliday, Blackrock, Dublin to Annie, daughter of the late John Green, of Orrfield, Hillsbourough, County Down


11 April: James Ferrier Clarke & Emily Kate Ponsonby Eames

In Londonderry, James Ferrier Clarke Esq., M.D. Farnworth, Lanchester, son of the late Peter Roe Clark Esq., of Dublin to Emily Kate Ponsonby, daughter of Wm James Eames, Esq., Londonderry


16 April: Arthur H. De Weird & Margaret Jane Stone

In the parish Church Combus county Down, Arthur H. De Weird, Esq., C.E., Singapore, to Margaret Jane, daughter of the late Guy Stone, Esq., Barn Hill, Comber.


16 April: James Clark & Eleanor Davison

At Newtownards, Mr James Clark, to Eleanor, daughter of Mr Benjamin Davison, Belfast


16 April: David John McCormick & Margaret Jane McCreedy

In the Presbyterian Church, Portaferry, county Down, Mr David John McCormick, Ardkeen, to Margaret Jane, daughter of the late Mr David McCreedy, Ballywollen


25 April: Thomas Dawson Finucane & Adda Emily Elsmere

In Newry, Thomas Dawson Finucane, Esq., surgeon & c., Blackrock, county Dublin to Adda Emily daughter of the late Rev. Alexander Stewart Elsmere, Newcastle


28 April: John Fenton & Maggie Murland

At Clough, county Down, John Fenton, Esq., of Plumpton Hall, Laneashire, to Maggie, daughter of Samuel Murland, Esq., of Woodlawn, Castlewellan.


16 May: Edward Hudson Kinahan & Emily Isabella Dickenson

At Banbridge Church, Edward Hudson Kinahan, son of the late Alderman Kinahan, of Merrion-square, Dublin, to Emily Isabella, daughter of the Rev. Daniel Dickenson, Rector of Seapatrick, county Down.


21 May: David Wilson & Frances Greer

David Wilson Esq., of Downpatrick to Frances daughter of Robert Greer Esq., of Ballynarry House, county Down.


21 May: Thomas Reginald Jones & Maria Catherine Gray

In Newry, Thomas Reginald Jones Esq., of Liverpool, to Maria Catherine, daughter of George Gray Esq., Newry.


28 May: Edwin Marshall & Alice Murphy

At Rathfriland, county Down, Edwin Marshall, Esq., of the Dingle, Birmingham, to Alice, daughter of the late Samuel Murphy, Esq., of Rathfriland, county Down


16 June: David Harrel & Juliana Horner

In the Parish Church, Donaghadee, David Harrel, Esq., S.I. son of the late David Harrel, Esq., J.P. Mountpleasant, Downpatrick, to Juliana, daughter of the late Rev. Richard Nugent Horner, Rector of Killishil.


18 June: Thomas D. Crawford & Eleanor F Crawford

At Bangor, Thomas D. Crawford, Esq., Belfast, to Eleanor F., daughter of the late William Sharman Crawford, Esq., of Crawfordsburn, county Down.


30 July: Stanley Treanor & Charlotte Elizabeth Evatt

At Kilkeel, county Down the Rev Stanley Treanor, Curate of Tuam, to Charlotte Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Evatt, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Mount Louise, county Monaghan, and Kenilworth Terrace, Rathmines.


8 August: George Kinahan & Margaret Hayes Dickinson

At Seapatrick Church, Banbridge, George Kinahan, son of the late George Kinahan, Esq., of Roebuck Park county Dublin to Margaret Hayes, daughter of the Rev. Dr. Dickinson, Rector of Seapatrick county Down.


22 August: James Kennedy & Nannie Steward

In Donnybrook Church James Kennedy Esq., J.P. of Rosetta, county Down to Nannie, daughter of the late James Steward, Esq., of Cherryvale and Greencastle, Belfast.


25 August: Francis Hazlett & Mary Jane Rutherford

At Anahilt Presbyterian Church, Mr Francis Hazlett, merchant Monaghan, to Mary Jane, daughter of Wm Rutherford, Esq., Surgeon, Woodville, Anahilt, county Down.


24 September: Hugh Charles Bryson & Martha Jane Boyd

At the parish church, Coleraine, Mr. Hugh Charles Bryson, Poyntz-pass county Armagh, son of the late Rev Mr Bryson, of Four Towns, county Down to Martha Jane, daughter of Mr. Robert Boyd, Coleraine.


15 October: Owen R Slacke & Katherine Lanyon

At Carnmoney, county Antrim Owen R. Slacke Esq., 10th Royal Hussars, son of the Rev William R. Slacke, Newcastle County Down, to Katherine, daughter of Charles Lanyon, Esq., Whieabbey, county Antrim

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