The following list contains marriages that mention places in County Wicklow in 1862. These records were extracted from  news reports of Irish Marriages published in the Limerick Chronicle in 1862:

22 Feb 1862 : Jeremiah Brady & Julia Fay

  • In the Metropolitan Church, Marlborough Street, Dublin, Jeremiah Brady, Esq., Great Britain Street and Ballytrasna, County Carlow, to Julia, daughter of the late Denis Fay, Esq., Rathalian, County Wicklow.

22 Mar 1862 : Richard Beresford Hudson & Harriett Eliza Platt

  • In Monkstown Church, County Dublin, Richard Beresford Hudson, son of George Hudson, of Templecarraig, County of Wicklow, Esq., to Harriett Eliza, daughter of Colonel Platt, of Stoneville, Rochestown, County Dublin.

19 Apr 1862 : Alfred Waller & Emily Madden

  • In St Peter’s Church, Dublin, Mr Alfred Waller, Demzille Street, Dublin, to Emily, daughter of James F Madden, Esq., Simonton Terrace, Bray.

24 Apr 1862 : W .C. Stewart & Eliza Eager

  • At Hamilton, Canada West, Mr W. C. Stewart of that city, to Eliza, daughter of the late Joseph B Eager, Esq., of Blessington, County Wicklow.

24 May 1862 : Samuel Smith Bury & Mary Jane Wallis

  • At Melbourne, Australia, Mr Samuel Smith Bury, of the County Wicklow, to Mary Jane, daughter of George Wallis, Esq., M.D., of Rotherfield, Sussex.

27 May 1862 : William Lutton & Frances Jane Chamney

  • In Dunganstown Church, the Rev William Lutton, Primitive Wesleyan Minister, to Frances Jane, daughter of the late Edward Chamney, Esq., Coniamstown, County Wicklow

03 Jun 1862 : D.W. Moran & Annie Cane

  • At Haddington Road Chapel, Dublin, D.W. Moran Esq., of Milltown House, County Wicklow, to Annie, daughter of the late Dr Robert Cane, of Kilkenny.

21 Jun 1862 : David Crawford & Fanny Anne Halpin

  • At St Anne’s Church, Dublin, Captain David Crawford, Ardrossan, to Fanny Anne, daughter of the late Jas. Halpin, Esq., Wicklow.

12 Aug 1862 : James Kearney & Margaret Kinsella

  • At Newbridge, County Wicklow, James Kearney, Esq., of Arklow, to Margaret, daughter of the late James Kinsella, Esq., Woodbridge.

14 Aug 1862 : Edward Denne Nares & Margaret Grace Boyle

  • At Galtrim House, Bray, County Wicklow, Captain Edward Denne Nares, son of the Rev E.R. Nares, Rurual Dean, Rector of Wittersham and Vicar of Brensett, Kent, to Margaret Grace, daughter of Alexander Boyle, Esq.

26 Aug 1862 : G. Denis Browne Harrison & Frances Tazeena Waller

  • At Columbo, Ceylon, on the 8th July 1862, G. Denis Browne Harrison, Esq., of Kandy, only son of George Harrison, Esq., of the Aske, County Wicklow to Frances Tazeena, second daughter of Colonel R Waller of the Bengl House Artillery.

30 Aug 1862 : Charles M’Lellan & Bessie Hill

  • At St Mark’s Church, Dublin, Mr Charles M’Lellan, of Dublin, to Bessie, daughter of the late Jeremiah Hill, Esq., of Bray, County Wicklow.

06 Sep 1862 : William Baillie Arkle & Lucy Manning

  • In Castle McAdam Church, County Wicklow, William Baillie Arkle Esq., of Claughton, Cheshire, to Lucy, eldest daughter of George Manning, Esq., Ovoca ;

06 Sep 1862 : Hugh Flen & Eliza Manning

  • and at the same time and place, Hugh Flen Esq., of Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S. to Eliza, third daughter of George Manning, Esq., of Ovoca, County Wicklow.

11 Sep 1862 : Richard Galbraith & Emma Jane Barnes

  • In Castlemacadam Church, County Wicklow, the Rev Richard Galbraith, of Bombay, to Emma Jane, daughter of Edward Barnes, Esq., of Ovoca Lodge, Ovoca, County of Wicklow.

16 Sep 1862 : John Edward & Caroline Leonard

  • At Christ Church, Cork, John Edwards, Esq., J.P., Knockrobbin, County Wicklow, to Caroline, daughter of the late John Archbold Leonard, Esq., J.P., of Clermont, in the same County.

23 Sep 1862 : Robert Browne & Georgina Frances Newel

  • At Newcastle, Co. Wicklow, Robert, son of James Browne, Esq., of Dublin, to Georgina Frances, daughter of James Newel, Esq., of Newtownmountkennedy.

07 Oct 1862 : John Shee & Annie Metcalfe

  • At the R.C. Chapel Blanchardstown, John Shee, Esq., Bannoxtown, County Tipperary, to Annie, daughter of the late John Metcalfe, Esq., of Castleruddery Park, County Wicklow.

20 Nov 1862 : John Boyce & Charlotte Clementine Duckett

  • At St. Stephen’s Church, Captain John Boyce, (King’s Own) Reg., son of John Boyce, Esq. J.P. Carnew Castle, County Wicklow, to Charlotte Clementine Duckett daughter of Richard M. Duckett, Esq., of Upper Mount Street, Dublin.

20 Nov 1862 : Edwin J. Pollard & Renira Hawkings

  • At the parish church of Delgany, County Wicklow, Commander Edwin J. Pollard R.N., to Renira, daughter of Sir St Vincent Hawkings Whitshed, Bart.

23 Dec 1862 : Charles Holt Ensell & Elizabeth Jane Standish

  • In Bray Church, the Rev. Charles Holt Ensell, of Lucan, to Elizabeth Jane, eldest daughter of the late Richard Standish, Esq., of Glin, County Limerick.

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